24K Gold Skin Care Products: Benefits of Gold Infused Skin Care

24K gold has been making history since forever. It is a coveted metal and its presence in any product lifts the quality to sublime. Not to forget, gold offers innumerable medicinal benefits. It is a great antiaging and anti-inflammatory product. It supports collagen production & keep you looking youthful. Although, a lot of research is still required to study the effects of gold & its absorption into human skin; many beauty brands are now embracing the opportunity to infuse 24K gold in their luxe or high end skincare lines.


24K Gold as Anti-Inflammatory Agent in Skin Care

24K gold in skin care products acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. It heals acne, sunburn & hyperpigmentation. There are several 24K gold beauty products from sheet masks, to lip balms, eye creams & facial oils/serum etc,


24K Gold as Antiaging Ingredient

24K gold helps lift your skin. It makes your skin firmer since it supports collagen production. It effectively treats early signs of ageing, reduces wrinkles & fine lines and help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores that get bigger due to loss of collagen as you get older.

It prevents cellular damage & helps combat free radicals. Since it improves cell turnover, 24K gold ploughs off the dead tissues revealing a healthier, glowing & younger looking skin


24K Gold as Skin Defense Barrier

It actually strengthens your skin barrier and prevent environmental aggressors causing any damage. Pollutants and irritants from environment pose great damage to your skin but when you have 24K gold infused skin care regime, your skin mantle is strong enough to intercept the harmful aggressors reaching your skin.


24K Gold Radiance Booster

24K gold infused products often boast hyaluronic acid + vitamin C that along with 24K gold turns your complexion brighter. Regularly using gold infused products make your skin look firmer, brighter, hydrated & plump.

Expect magical improvements once you incorporate gold into your everyday skin care routine. Depending on the formulation of product you choose, you will be able to notice significant improvements. Serums and ampoules boasting 24K gold have been most effective due to them being able to penetrate deep. A moisturizer on the other hand sits on your face & provides temporary glow. Can’t make your mind? Try Guerisson 24K gold energy ampoule & 24K Hydrogel mask for a skin that glows from within!