24K Gold: The Best Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

Gold has been fantasizing women around the globe since ancient times of Cleopatra. Addition of 24K gold makes just any skin care product phenomenal. Besides making it visually appealing, gold metal helps reversing the wheel of time. Touted for innumerable skin care benefits, 24Kgold serums are the hype these days. Let’s find out if 24K gold skin care products are worth the hype.


Is it Real 24K Gold in Skin Care Products?

Yes, its real 24K gold nano particles. The presence of nano gold particles make your serum look glittering, sparkling & picture perfect for your Instagram story. Gold is an excellent anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling, calms down stressed skin, reduces enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation & signs of ageing such as fine line & wrinkles. Gold has been known to delay natural process of ageing. It promotes collagen production, makes skin firmer by improving elasticity.


How to Integrate 24K Gold in Daily Skin Care Routine?

Today, 24k gold is available in almost all skin care products from hydrating masks to creams, emulsifiers & ampoules. Although, addition of gold elevates prices; incorporating it on every day basis in your skin care regime promises significant improvement. It helps brightening complexion, adds a dewy in fact bronzy glow & turns your skin look smooth.

Guerisson 24K Hydrogel mask & 24K gold Energy ampoule are great to begin with. The hydrogel mask is immensely hydrating whilst gold particles that are not visible to naked eye work to lift your skin. It can be used daily whereas 24K gold energy ampoule is to be used once in a week. Korean skin care ampoule is a super charged serum with highly concentrated ingredients that give an instant boost. Ampoules are not used daily so is why they are available in tiny packaging. Since it is rich in active ingredients, it is applied with caution.

“It’s the perfect ingredient to use to temporarily brighten those under eye circles or to give a nice glow for an evening out.” Says Mara Weinstein, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City.



Although gold is irresistible, buying skin care products just because it boasts gold is not a genius idea. Carefully study all the ingredients before you invest on gold.