3 Korean Skin Care Products to achieve Korean Glass Skin


The new viral trend of “Korean glass skin” is not going slow although about 2 years have passed the trend first surfaced. Korean skin care routine is infamous for its 12 step long process whereas Korean women are known to be obsessed with self-care. But hey, who said that achieving glass skin is easy? Although many of the Korean skin care products required to achieve flawless Korean-like skin are still under radar in west, people are now more open to extend their skin care regimen from mere moisturiser to the most hailed Korean skin care products such as a facial oil, serum & now even ampoules.


What actually is Korean Glass Skin?

No, genes are not absolutely responsible. Hands down. You born with something matters but what you die with defines your lifestyle & personality. Glass skin is characterised by a soft & supple luminous skin that bears a rosy glow with a dewy finish. The skin is defined as an impeccable beauty with absolutely no discoloration, blemishes or hyperpigmentation. It’s almost transparent like glass. Achieving glass skin or transparent skin would have remained a mystery but we have a couple of Korean skin care products that vow to deliver exemplary results.


12 Step Infamous Korean Skin Care Routine

As per Koreans women, makeup is temporary but what going to last forever is how you treat your skin. You might have already heard how they layer products for hydration but fortunately, we can pick only a couple or more Korean skin care formula to help us achieve almost the similar results. Tight on a budget? Swap the 12 step skin care routine with a following everyday regimen that requires a minimum of 3 products besides your regular toner & moisturizer.


3 Korean Skin Care Products you must Use

  1. Essence/Serum

Essence is a very light & mild hydrating formula with active ingredients that help targeting individual concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles & dehydration. Serums are almost the same product. Both boast a very small molecular formula that is meant to penetrate deep into your skin. Unlike other skin care products essence/serum does not sit on the top of skin but actually seeps down & work to repair the damaged skin.


  1. Facial Oil

A face oil is something you must never neglect. Using an oil on your face particularly if you have already oily skin might put you in confusion. An oil is a facial emollient that helps soften your skin. It strengthens skin barrier, draws in moisture & bind it for a healthy looking fresh and hydrating skin. It has a large molecular formula so it stays at top of the skin & prevent it from environmental damage.


  1. Ampoule

An ampoule is something you would not want every day but every once in a while. It gives your skin that boost it needs to stay forever youthful. Ampoule is rich in active ingredients and is very concentrated. As mentioned by name it comes in ampoule tiny bottles with a dropper that means only a little quantity goes a long way.

An ampoule is much like serum but more potent, more concentrated and more targeted. Are you hungover? Is your skin too tired & stressed? Give your ampoule a shot to help it resurrect your dead & dull skin in no time.

You are free to adopt the same 12 step Korean skin care regime if both time & pocket allow you to. It is definitely pampering & yields mind blowing results. Nothing should mean you put up with lack lustrous skin even if you are struggling making both ends meet. Buy these 3 Korean skin care products on a budget! We bet you will see significant results in only 3 months!