Are Korean Whitening Creams Really Effective?

It is widely misbelieved that Koreans are obsessed with skin whitening products. Since Korea is the world’s largest cosmetic industry, people are pushed to believe that skin whitening is considered a norm in Korea. Though, almost every Korean product touts “skin whitening” as a major benefit; it does not mean you are going to bleach your skin. Korean cosmetics work on improving over all health of your skin by diminishing acne marks, blemishes, and freckles & by turning it radiant.


What Korean Whitening Creams can do For You?

It is more like a marathon every day when it comes to Korean skin care regime. All products from toners to emulsions, serums, essences & even the products as basic as a sunscreen claim to make your skin brighter. This is achieved through intercepting UV rays, reducing melanin production & by providing an immense boost of moisture. Korean whitening creams are entirely different than what we get in west for skin whitening. Instead of bleaching and scrubbing off the skin, Korean whitening creams work on illuminating your complexion by providing nourishment to the skin.


Benefits of Korean Whitening Creams

Due to environmental aggressors, stress factors and hormonal changes; our skin begins to look dull. The texture becomes uneven and the hyper pigmentation further becomes a nightmare. Unlike bleaching products, Korean whitening creams will rarely do anything to change your skin tone. They are made with all natural ingredients where Vitamin C is the key ingredient that helps illuminating the tone.

Korean whitening products will never strip the pigmentation off. Focusing on maintaining skin’s natural PH, they will heal the woes and make your skin glow. There are innumerable Korean whitening creams available for day & night. Fortunately, you can never go wrong with it- thus choose any, you find yourself falling for. Our personal favourite is Cloud 9 Blanc De Korean Whitening Cream


Korean Whitening Creams are more Into Brightening

It is fare and fine to conclude that “whitening” is the poor translation of the term “brightening”. Since Korean products don’t include a bleaching agent they don’t aim to change the complexion you have. These products lighten the skin tone by rejuvenating your skin. It sloughs off the dead skin cells by speeding up the cell turnover whereas the Vitamin C boosters gently breakdown the melanin clusters to improve the skin tone. The discoloration caused by environmental factors will be gradually reduced too. If you find yourself unsettled when choosing whitening products to complete your regime, get yourself a day cream. It will take care of everything from providing UV interception to moisture retention. Keep in mind, Korean whitening creams will make your skin translucent and rosy bright – it won’t change your skin tone from dark to fair.