Five Mistakes you have been making about Face Sheet Masks

It is not about very long ago when we first saw face sheet masks and now they have become an essential part of our weekly skin care routine. What we love about face sheet mask is the convenience and the affordability. True sheet masks are available in an array of formulations & types that all have a couple of things in common i.e. calming & moisturising. It is easy to tear open the mask sheet and slather on the face yet there are 5 mistakes you have been doing with sheet face masks. Do not receive the promised results? Read this and the next time you apply your face sheet mask you will be amazed by how dewy your skin glows!


Applying Sheet Mask on Face that has not been washed

You want to soak in the goodness of sheet mask in to your skin, right? In order to achieve the optimal benefits always cleanse your face using a mild face wash, exfoliate and tone it before applying sheet mask. A clean face allows the penetration of mighty potion from your sheet mask to your skin whereas dirt & dead skin cells may hinder the process.


Applying Sheet Mask in Haste

Depending on the formulation and type of the mask, you may find it very gooey and slimy to handle at first. Hydrogel sheet masks are trickiest to handle. Since these masks are all bathed in the richness of skin care serum they appear extremely slimy and this is the reason why your skin feels refreshed and moisturised after the session. Although they are one size fits all, you will need a few extra minutes to apply the mask to your face. Start from the forehead and adjust the holes for eyes, nose and mouth. Pat it to adhere it. The mask must fit on your face contours to deliver the goodness. If you fail to adhere it, the liquid formulation will evaporate which is the reverse of what sheet masks actually does. When adhered correctly, a sheet mask will seal in the moisture and make sure it is absorbed by your skin.


Moisturising your Face before Mask Application

You may want to use moisturiser but after the application of the mask. Usually, sheet mask leaves your skin super hydrated and moisturised that replaces moisturiser yet you may feel like applying it if your skin is mature, dehydrated or flaking dry. Applying moisturiser before applying mask will prevent absorption of mask’s divine potion.


Rinsing your Face OFF

DONOT rinse your face after you take off the sheet mask. Let your skin absorb the goodness of the mask till the last drop. If you choose to rinse your face off immediately after the application of sheet mask then better do not waste your money buying some.


Swapping your Sheet Mask for the rest of Skin Care

Please note sheet face mask is not a replacement of your sun block and other skin care products. Although you may not always want to use moisturiser afterwards, it is better if you seal in the goodness using a moisturiser. A moisturiser prevents quick evaporation of skin care products you apply underneath. Wait a few seconds until your face is dry & then proceed with sunblock, serum & moisturiser.


Applying sheet mask is pretty straight forward but failing to follow the instructions such as letting your sheet on your face for more than 30 minutes will do more damage than good. Make sure you read instructions carefully to make masking experience worth it!