Guerisson Red Ginseng Eye Cream: Do I Really need an Eye Cream?


Incorporating eye cream in your daily skin care routine is a personal choice until you enter in the age bracket of 30. Since eyes are the first to show the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles & crows feet you must take necessary actions to retain your youthfulness for the longest time possible. Guerisson red ginseng eye cream is infamous for its antiaging properties. It keeps delicate skin around eyes from sagging, fight signs of fatigue & make you look awakened & ready for the day.


Isn’t Eye cream the same Face Moisturiser but in Expensive Packaging?

There are many theories regarding using an eye cream on daily basis. Some beauty experts advocate using it whereas others would go strictly against it. Eye creams are expensive because they contain more active ingredients than your regular face moisturiser. The fragile skin around eye need ingredients to help promote collagen production such as peptides & vitamin c & retinol to inhibit signs from photo-aging.

If you read the label at your face moisturiser carefully, you will see a warning that forbids using the product around the delicate eye area. Eye creams are specifically formulated to deliver the active ingredients that combats puffiness, reduce dark circles & improves the blood flow around eyes to help you have awakened eyes.


When should I start using an Eye Cream?

As you age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity. As a result, mild sagging to severe drooping occurs that could lead to obstructing your vision. Eyes collect fluids & blood due to which they appear puffy, dark circles are formed & under eye bags become visible. It is said that emotional phases flow down the saltier tears that retain in under your eye sockets giving your eyes a puffy appearance. Stress, crying, lack of sleep, dehydration & work load are other possible causes of discoloration & hyperpigmentation around eyes.

You can skin eye cream when you are under 30 only when you do not have to fight with aging symptoms notable dark circles & puffy eyes. After 30, it becomes mandatory to use an eye cream that provides the due nourishment your eye needs from hydration to improved blood flow.


How to Apply Eye Cream?

Using your ring finger, apply eye cream in dots on the orbital bone or around your eye socket. It goes under your eyes but must not be applied too close to your lower lash line and eyelids. Eye creams contain more emollients than your face cream so they are usually thicker in consistency. A day time eye cream helps preventing dark circles, puffiness and eye bags whereas a night eye cream works to repair cell damage.

Some people swear by the benefits of eye cream while others say it’s a waste. Try Guerisson Red Ginseng eye cream for a pampering experience & we bet you will be a true convert after a while.