Korean Skin Care: 3 Ways you are using your Serum Wrong

Korean skin care practitioners are obsessed with serums. Since serum is not a skin care but a treatment, it is more specific, result-oriented &concentrated. Containing active ingredients, serums help with spot treatment & particular concerns such as dull & lack-lustrous skin, fine lines & wrinkles, large pores etc. Since Korean skin care regime consists on innumerable products you may confuse application of one product with another. If you have been using a Korean skin care serum but have not achieved the benefits then possibly you are using it wrong. Here is how you can make the best of your Korean skin care serum.


You are Swapping your Serum with Moisturiser

Serum has tiny molecules that allow it to penetrate deep into skin. By sinking deep, it can repair cell damage & rejuvenate your skin. Although some Korean skin care serum amp up moisture in your skin, they are not actually moisturiser. Moisturiser has thicker consistency and has a bigger molecular structure. It is meant to stay on top of your skin to prevent the evaporation of the products applied underneath. When your skin is adequately moisturised it is less likely to feel dry since it strengthens your skin mantle & prevent loss of hydration.


You are Applying Serum in Wrong Sequence

Deciding the sequence of Korean skin care products could be the most frustrating part when you map your regime the first time. The rule of thumb is, “the thinner the consistency the earlier you apply it”.

Serum should be your first product after cleansing, toning & exfoliating. If you apply serum after oil or moisturiser it won’t be able to perform.


You are Over Applying

Serums come in small packaging and this does serve a purpose. They do not have to be applied in large quantity. A little goes long way. Instead of applying serum like a moisturiser or facial oil, Korean skin care experts recommend to apply it just on targeted areas where you want a noticeable change. For instance if you are using a serum for dry patches & flakiness, apply it on the right spots instead of slathering it all over your face.


You are using Serum only Once a Week

Serum is not an ampoule or an exfoliation mud mask that you would require only once 15 days or when your skin needs a boost. Serum is meant for everyday use.


You are Hazy with your Skin Care routine

Korean skin care is not for the lazy bones. It requires patience, perseverance & determination. It consists of a dozen products that you need to layer like a pro. An interval of 2-3 minutes between each product is recommended so that every layer could sink in. Apply serum by gently patting it into your skin. Do not rub or massage it in like cream products.

Korean skin care serum, ampoules, essence & boosters all belong to the family of serum but each differs in performance. You can layer serum with other serums since each serum is manufactured to target particular skin serums. For instance you can use vitamin c serums for hyperpigmentation & a moisture serum like Guerisson Cloud9 for dry, dehydrated & lack lustrous skin.