Korean Skin Care: How to take Care of Skin while on the Plane

Travelling is fun whether you are going to meet your family back home or are going to land in your dream destination for a romantic stay. Unfortunately, the worst thing about spending vacation on a far located island is the long haul flight you need to take. The circulated air in the air cabin with less humidity wreaks havoc on your skin. It leaves your skin dry, scaly and parched. Sometime it even break your skin out. Pack the following Korean skin care products to keep your skin fresh & hydrated while in the air.


Korean Skin Care Products your need in your Carry On

As per TSA you are barred from travelling with liquid more than 3 ounce. You need to pack your skin care products and makeup wisely. Fret not, you can keep almost everything you want to travel with, in your checked baggage. The general rule for carry-on luggage is 3:1:1 (3 ounce liquid in 1 clear Ziploc bag per 1 passenger).


  1. Makeup Wipes

Although makeup wipes are not that good for your skin but they happen to be life savior when travelling. Make up wipes or wet wipes are multipurpose. Besides removing makeup, you can also clean your hands, wipe spills & mop just any kind of mess. Plus point, makeup wipes are not liquid & they help you replace a number of other products such as an oil cleanser, face wash & sanitizer.


  1. Carry a Hydrating Facial Mist

A hydrating facial mist is something you should never forget when boarding a plane. Since the air inside an aircraft is less humid and is actually the air you exhale; it is very drying for the skin. Always carry a hydrating facial mist that you could just spritz from time to time. This will keep your skin supple & moist even when you are travelling 10+ hours via plane.


  1. Korean Skin Care Sheet Masks

There are tons of Korean skin care sheet masks available. Get one that addresses your skin concerns. It could be dryness & dehydration, wrinkles or fine lines, dull & lack lustrous skin etc. Sheet masks are god sent especially on a long haul flight. They are not counted as liquid, so carry as many as you want. You would want to carry eye masks separately to wake up with even brighter and awakened eyes. Furthermore sheet masks also help you replace a bunch of Korean skin care products from your essence to serum & facial oil.

Just almost an hour before landing try Guerisson Ampoule Korean skin care sheet mask. Ampoules are quick fix and they are used only for finite time especially when you really need to boost your skin. Korean skin care ampoules sheet masks are great to resurrect your dull & lack lustrous skin after a long haul flight.


  1. Carry a Heavy Moisturizer

Unless you have a very oily skin, you would want to carry a heavy moisturizer than your regular day cream. A moisturizer contains humectants that draws moisture and lock it in. It seals in hydration and prevent the evaporation of the products you apply underneath the moisturiser.


  1. Contact Lens Cases to Decant

Contact lens cases help you decant your favourite liquid products just for the use in plane. It could be your foundation, BB cream or your primer.

The best practice is to go minimal on makeup when on board. Remove your makeup using makeup wipes & finish it off spraying a hydrating mist. It is important you make efforts to keep your body hydrated at least 2 days before your flight. Increasing your water intake a couple of days before you take the flight keeps your skin supple & glowing in the aircraft whereas the listed Korean skin care products will prevent dehydration on the long haul flight.