Korean Skin Care Regimen for winter

Before we proceed let’s admit, our delicate skin hates winter. Undoubtedly, it makes a romantic package when you snuggle with your better half holding a cup of hot coffee topped with marshmallows. Ironically, it’s a shame while you sip the coffee, your partner is possibly noticing the dry patches & caked up foundation. Adopt Korean skin care routine to keep your skin hydrated & moisturised throughout the season.


Korean Skin Care: How Korean Women Flaunt Flawless Skin 24/7?

The secret lies not only in the aggressive skin care regimen but the products they choose. Korean skin care routine emphasizes on using the products that are sourced organically. Made from herbal extracts & naturally found essences; Korean products reap uncountable health benefits. Since they are most probably free from harsh chemicals, they boast a non-drying mild formula. Free from sodium laureth sulphate (an inexpensive foaming agent) products manufactured in Korea can be trusted blindly.


Winter Korean Skin Care Regime

Sunscreen, should never be ignored

Sunscreen remains the top of the list. It’s a scary fact but let’s be brave to face it. Sun rays can reach down even through the cloudy sky. This is where we need Korean skin care sun balms that are enriched with UVA & UVB interceptors. Although you can lower down the SPF from 50 to 30 in winter, you must never skip slathering the sun screen. Presence of snow increases the risks of sun damage due to its strong ability of reflecting the sun rays back.


Moisturize, It is that time of season when more is less

Korean skin care products

Who loves patchy, dried and flaky skin? Temperature drop outside & hot indoor air sucks away skin’s moisture leaving it scaly & rough. Winter is the season where your most favorite non-greasy & light moisturisers from summer won’t seem to make any difference. Depending on your skin type, you might want to opt for a thick & long lasting moisturiser such as Guerisson 9 Complex that boasts 72 hours hydration. You can combine it with Guerisson Delight cream for the rest of the day that is lighter and airier.


Exfoliation is the Key to Soft Skin

In winter our skin cells may die faster due to the merciless cold wind and dryness. Exfoliating your skin with a mild scrub to buff away the dead skin cells is the key to achieving soft & hydrated skin. Remember that embarrassing moment caused by the cake-y skin? Fret no more. With regular exfoliation, you will have a clear & smooth base to put makeup on! After exfoliation your skin may feel dry. Try Guerisson Cream Oil mask to restore the oil-water balance. The oil barrier that this mask form will help prevent the depletion of fat layer that will be then responsible for water retention.


Pamper yourself once a week with Hydrating Korean Skin Care masks

Korean skin care is famous because of an incredible line of face masks. The hydrating face masks replenishes dry skin & immediately provide a boost of moisture. Try Guerisson Hydra- Ampoule mask for cranky dry skin. The gel masks provide an instant supply of nutrition, help firming the skin & leave it super soft with an envious sheen.