Korean Skin Care: Things you did not know about Sheet Face Masks

​Sheet face masks are all the rave these days. They deliver immediate results- hydrate your face, moisturise it, provide nutrition & bring an instant glow to your lack-lustrous dull skin. Sheet masks are actually towels doused in serums that are rich in amino acids & vitamins. They aide in “quick fixes” but they do not replace your everyday skin care products. As per Korean skin care junkies; sheet masks are addicting. There is probably a sheet mask for every skin type but below is a list of Korean skin care products you still need to achieve a translucent glow & rosy complexion.


Korean Skin Care: What Face Sheet Masks Do not Do


Face Sheet Masks do not Replace Everyday Hydrating Serum
Korean skin care sheet masks are immensely hydrating. They are soaked in luxurious serums that are known to brighten up your face while improving the texture. Though the hydration provided by a regular sheet masks last 24 hours, using one does not completely replace a hydrating serum.


Face Sheet masks do not Cleanse or Detox
They are good at quick fixes, for instance treating fine line & wrinkles, providing an instant boost of moisture & glow, skin lifting etc but unlike masks that require washing your face afterwards, face sheet masks do not cleanse or detox. They also do little at shrinking your enlarged pores.


Face Sheet Masks are not an Alternative Moisturiser
You need not to rinse your face after one-done sheet mask. This allows absorption of mighty & nutritious Korean skin care serum that your sheet mask just delivered. Depending on individual’s need you might want to moisturise your skin later in the day.

Although it is a personal preference to skip a moisturiser, we recommend you apply a little amount to help sealing in the essence and prevent it from evaporating fast.


Face Sheet Masks do not Treat Acne
As per Korean skin care experts; sheet masks may unfortunately aggravate acne. Sealing your skin with a sheet increases temperature leading to bacteria accumulation & break out. With acne prone skin, we recommend you do a patch test before including them in your weekly skin care routine.


Face Sheet Masks do not Provide SPF Protection
Do you love going to work with a brightened super glow-y face for a no-makeup-look? Are you a morning sheet mask person? If you answered yes then you must never forget applying your sunscreen. Sheet masks do not provide UV protection hence applying sunscreen is important.

Face sheet masks are more of a luxury. They are great for weekly or biweekly use but using them every day will cause a dent in your pocket. They provide an immense boost of moisture on a short notice for a big party or when you need to catch an emergency flight. They help you restoring the lost moisture after a beach vacay but ditching your everyday skin care routine for sheet face masks is not a good idea. Always cleanse & tone your skin before you apply a face mask and seal in the benefits using a hydrating moisturiser & sunscreen.