Korean Skin Care: Why should you Use Sheet Mask Every Day?

What once was a fashion trend in Korea, has now emerged as the game changer in global beauty industry. Korean sheet masks are not only about little extra luxury but they also provide intense hydration & nourishment. Although they serve as a quick fix, we always wonder if sheet masks have been making an unnecessary dent in the wallet. Could you live without sheet mask every day? Probably not- it is this addictive experience!


Do Sheet Masks Really deliver what they Claim?

First things first- sheet mask don’t intent to exfoliate or cleanse. They do a little to unclog pores. In Korean skin care, sheet masks hold a prominent position as a quick fix. They brighten up your complexion immediately, they hydrate your skin after you have been long exposed to dry air such as an air cabin & last but not the least; using a Korean skin care sheet mask every day will significantly improve fine lines.


What are Sheet Masks & How do they Work?

Sheet masks are sheets made up of paper, cotton or gel material. They are most raved about for their convenience, cost-effectiveness & immediate results. It is always cheaper to lie back in your couch and relax while slapping a sheet mask on than visiting spa for a luxurious facial massage. Sheet masks are towels soaked in active ingredients considered essential for providing necessary nourishment to deeper skin tissues. The best thing about sheet mask is how they come in individual packings which adds to the ease of use.


How to Choose Sheet Masks?

Since sheet masks are always about making your skin looking supple and hydrated they usually contain key ingredients for instance; a topical antioxidant such as vitamin C for anti-ageing, peptides for production of collagen & hyaluronic acid along with other fun ingredients from 24K Gold to snail mucus, horse liposome & other botanical extracts.

When choosing sheet mask, make sure it contains less preservatives (parabens) and has low alcohol count. Masks containing alcohol may be too drying for your skin which is the reverse of what you have chosen a hydrating sheet mask for. Guerisson sheet masks contain only botanical essences. They also boast ceramide to help protect skin’s barrier and hyaluronic acid that binds water molecule to your surface skin. As a result your skin stays hydrated, plump and shiny like infants. Patent ingredient horse-oil provides elasticity & water retention for a younger looking skin.


Truth about Sheet Masks

Indeed sheet masks let you enjoy the leisure time. The fancy sheets and the fun ingredients really keep you looking forward to another day, another sheet mask. It is time to admit sheet masks are not all-in-one. They were invented to provide focused skin care treatment such as hydration, moisturising & brightening effect. Our top most skin layer compromised of lipid protects our skin from harmful environmental aggressors. Unfortunately this is the reason, not all skin care ingredients can penetrate in our skin. When buying sheet masks do consider that only a few of the active ingredients will find their way down while others will just sit around for that dreamy sense-of-novelty until they are evaporated!


Fortunately Guerisson sheet masks are soaked in serum where serums are highly concentrated formulation with a smaller molecular structure. The smaller the molecules, the deeper they penetrate. Try it at night so that you can pat in the excess potion after you remove the sheet while you sleep. The next morning you will wake up with a baby soft texture!