Korean Skin Whitening: How to achieve Glowing Complexion?

Korean double cleansing

Although Korean skin whitening creams should be your first preference when looking forward to attain a healthy looking glowing complexion, you can grab cleansing products instead. While cleansing products do less to turn your complexion lighter, they will remarkably help you maintain a neat & flawless skin that is healthy & well nourished. True, you can double the results by using both skin whitening & cleansing products together.


How to Cleanse Skin Thoroughly?

Korean skin care regime focuses on double cleansing that makes use of oil + water based facial cleansers. The tricky part of any cleansing system is how washing your face with products containing chemicals may rip your skin off its natural oils & leave it dry. Fortunately, Korean skin care products are made of organic products & herbal extracts that gently wash away the impurities that your skim might have accumulated throughout the day.


What is Double Cleansing?

Skin that is not thoroughly cleansed is characterized by clogged pores, white & black heads, discoloration & pigmentation. Korean skin whitening products aim to reduce the uneven patches by reducing the melanin production but an impure skin will only collect the debris from each product you apply on skin. To have a clear & smooth base, Korean women rely on double cleansing. Oil cleansers are used to wipe off makeup residue while a water based cleanser will effectively remove residue left behind by your oil cleanser.

It may be very difficult for a newbie to select a product from the huge & daunting range of Korean skin whitening products. Feeling the need of the hour, Guerisson has introduced “All Clear One Pack” containing Keratin softening mask, Horse oil cleansing wipes & Firming night skin.

What is All Clear One Pack?

All Clear One Pack





It is a homebased peeling process that involves slight peeling without any irritation.

The Keratin mask takes care of making your skin smooth. It open the pores that is considered very important for the next step involved in the process.

The cleaning wipes then help rubbing off the dead skin, removes dirt & debris from the environment & cleanse out the product debris by fetching it out from the pores. Since the cleansing pads are double sided & packed with the richness of hyaluronic acid, your skin is less likely to feel dry or irritated. The firming overnight cream further helps replenishing the skin & restoring the lost moisture that might have happened during the peeling process.


Bottom Line

Korean skin whitening products work side by side with the cleansing products. There is no question about making a choice between two. Without having a squeaky clean face, Korean skin whitening products are less likely to work since the clogged pores won’t let the products penetrate deeper into the skin tissues.