Real Gold in Skin Care? Benefits of 24K Gold Korean Skin Care

Gold has always been mesmerising for women of every age regardless of what race they belong to. Besides being used in cosmetology, gold has several benefits to offer in medicine. Gold metal is an excellent anti-ageing agent. Cosmetics containing 24K gold are pure luxury yet nothing ridiculously priced. The reasonable price tag makes us wonder whether or not it is legit gold. Although it is impossible to give verdict about every brand, we can assure you with below proofs that Guerisson- a high end Korean skin care brand uses patented 24K gold nanoparticles to provide an immediate boost of hydration, improve complexion & keep you looking younger.


What are Gold Nanoparticles?

Gold cosmetics are visually appealing. The suspended nanoparticles of gold in cosmetics mesmerize & provide you a sense of possession. Gold has been used as skincare since the time of Cleopatra who has been famed of sleeping with a gold face mask on her mask. Today, many skin care products boast gold nanoparticles either in suspensions, or in the form of gold leaf or mask. Although the concentration & efficacy varies, gold harnesses anti-aging & anti-inflammatory powers that increase cell turn-over & prevent premature aging besides making your skin firmer, brighter & hydrated.


Guerisson Korean Skin Care: CI 77480

Gold when used in skin care products is known as CI 77480 where CI stands for cosmetic ingredient. It is alternatively known as gold or Aurum. (The Latin word for gold or Au). CI 77480 simply refers to gold used as cosmetic ingredient. When a product mentions CI 77480 on label in ingredients it could contain any form of pure gold i.e. nano particles in a colloidal suspension that are invisible to naked eye & is characterized by its burgundy red/ purple color. When applied topically as a skincare product, it is usually found in the form of flakes, tiny particles, and gold leaf or as a gold pigment.


Guerisson Skin Care 24K Gold Energy Ampoule

It is a super charged serum with active ingredients that resurrect dull & dead skin. It helps brighten up your complexion, makes skin firmer & lifts it up for a youthful look. Containing real gold pigment (tiny flakes) Guerisson 24K gold ampoule repairs cellular damage, fights free radicals & spot fixes issues such as sun burn, dehydration & hyperpigmentation. It is a formulation of horse oil, peptides, hyaluronic acid & vitamin C that promotes healthy, younger looking skin with a dewy finish.

Gold is a naturally occurring metal. It is also found in human body in trace amount i.e. 0.2 mg of gold in a person weighing 70kg. Gold has innumerable skin care benefits. It accelerates blood circulation & can even kill cancer causing cells when used on daily basis as a skincare product.