Should 24K Gold Masks Move in 2018?

24K Gold Mask Korea

Gold treatments are nothing new. From ancient times; Japanese, Egyptians and Romans have long been using 24K gold treatment to help their bodies feel rejuvenated and newer. Last year, we saw a hype of various facial masks that all seem to have their roots in beauty obsessed land Korea. However, most of the facial masks failed to live up to the claims. 24K gold masks treatment was one of the few that has potential to move forward into 2018 due to being immensely popular of its slaying properties.


The Saga of 24K Gold Mask


While many types of gold masks are just the marketing hype, if you get lucky enough to grab a 24K gold infused mask- try it and we bet you will be addicted. Unless the gold masks clearly states 24K gold in description, the mask might just be colour golden. Gold colour masks are trend – you may use if you want but it must not fool you into achieving skin care benefits.


It is almost impossible that you walk through an aisle of Korean skin care store and return home without purchasing yourself a handful of 24K gold masks. Gold is a metal considered helpful for illuminating skin and giving an instant lift. Aimed at older women, 24K gold mask is an important age defying metal. It improves fine lines, reduces hyper pigmentation, relieves from sunburn and help shrinking enlarged pores.


Gold has also been linked to improved production of collagen. With regular use of 24K gold masks, your skin becomes firmer and more translucent.


The Next Level 24K Gold Masks


24K gold mask that come in hydro gel sheets are the next level revolutionary facemasks. Infused with the richness of gold, these sheet masks provide adequate hydration. The immense supply of moisture keeps your face looking fresh and glowing.


Korean beauty goddesses and celebrities swear by the firming and tightening of 24K gold sheet masks. Apply the mask for 40 minutes a night before your special appearance. It is advised to not to wash face so that the active ingredients and essence gets absorbed completely until you have your face dry.


It is not necessary to go for a hefty salon mask when you can get Cleopatra’s beauty secret at a pocket friendly price tag. Our experience tells us that 24K gold masks will be making rounds this year!