Topical Acne Treatment: Why your Acne Treatment might not Work?

Your diet, hygiene, hormones & the products you apply everyday contribute drastically to the formation of acne. Although there are many OTC products available for mild acne treatment, you might not necessarily be able to notice any significant changes even after allowing enough time to your treatment to work. Prescription anti-acne treatments can even cause further breakout due to containing harsh ingredients not appropriate for sensitive skin types. The best topical treatment for acne is a product containing naturally sourced ingredients for instant botanical extracts. Guerisson Scar Removal cream is hailed around the globe for its potent medicinal properties that fight acne, reduces inflammation, prevent discoloration & help illuminating your skin.


Why does Acne Form?

Hold your hormones responsible. During puberty, pregnancy and other stages of life, the abrupt surge of hormones make your pores secrete sebum that clog pores. The clogged pore causes a bulb like a formation and appears white that’s called a white head. Sometimes the pores open its head and allows bacteria, dirt & pollutants to make their way in and stay tapped. This forms a black head. If the walls of the pore open letting the collected cellular debris and irritants penetrate under the skin then a pimple is formed. Guerisson scar removal is a non comedogenic moisturising cream that increases cell turn over & promotes collagen production. This ensures speedy healing & significant improvement is seen in days. Unlike other topical acne treatments, it does not contain harsh chemicals that leaves your skin dry & stretched. Instead, it is known for its 72 hour moisturising effect.


What do I do about Acne?

Popping acne & pimples leave deep indents that remain forever. No matter how tempting it is to touch your face, avoid it. Use Guerisson scar removal cream that boasts miraculous abilities to treat acne, reduce signs of premature ageing such as fine lines, sagging of skin & hyperpigmentation. It also keeps you looking younger by proving a heavy dose of nourishing ingredients vital for optimal health of your skin.