Treating Acne Marks: Are Acne Scars Permanent?

Although scars are unwelcoming, they are the sign of healing. Scars are tough fibrous tissues that are left behind when a wound has fully healed. Bitter truth, but let’s be realistic. Scars never disappear completely. Although you can make efforts to help lighten it. People go under the knife since cosmetic surgery and laser seems to be the only few promising options. Little did they know that over-the-counter scar removal creams such as Guerisson 9 Complex helps get rid of acne marks, stretch marks, minor wounds, cuts & burns.

How do Acne Scars form?

Acne leaves deep indents or raised spots on your skin damaging the collagen and growth of tissues. It is a disturbing fact that pitted acne scars last forever unless you decide to get fillers. Usually acne marks go on their own but they leave dark flat spots medically described as “post inflammatory hyperpigmentation”. It is relieving that PIH are not true scars yet they may take a long period of three months or more (depending on your own healing cycle and cell turn over) to completely fade away.

If you are a patient of recurring acne, fighting with PIH marks could be very frustrating. It is important you deal with acne marks as early as possible. Over-the-counter scar removal cream such as Guerisson 9 complex contains horse oil that shares the chemical composition with human oil. It helps quick absorption that further speeds up cell turn over. As a result new skin is formed and scarred tissues are sloughed off.

How to Choose Scar Removal Cream?

Scars even if permanent begin to fade away with time although they don’t vanish. They turn paler and inflammation subsides. The process continues for two years. There will be rarely any fading in scar tissues after the said time. Therefore, it is very important you treat acne marks as soon as you notice them.

Acne Scars Vs Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation (acne marks)

PIH are flat discolored marks that are left behind when acne has healed. PIH marks are formed when skin produces too much of the melanin during the healing process of acne. It is fairly common in people with medium to dark skin. These marks are neither raised nor indented, they are just flat darkened spots that could be reduced using over-the-counter scar removal cream.

How long it takes to fade PIH?

It is difficult to put a clock over it but PIH spots usually takes about 3 to 24 months depending on how strong is the discoloration. Sometimes it goes on its own, even without treatment but in most cases such acne marks are more or less permanent if not dealt on time.

When choosing scar removal cream, make sure it is not just an ordinary beauty cream making huge bogus claims. Guerisson 9 Complex scar removal cream contains botanical extracts and Vitamin E that boasts medicinal properties. It helps improving skin’s elasticity, provides immense boost of moisture & strengthen skin’s barrier.

Treating acne marks using OTC scar removal cream is the least expensive and non-invasive approach. True, it does not happen over the night but with persistence, determination & right products you may achieve remarkable results.