What is the difference between a Moisturizer,Serum&Face Oil?

What is the difference between a Moisturizer, Serum & Face Oil?

All the three products are formulated to help you achieve hydration but why do you need each one of them in your skin care armour? This question has at least once boggled our minds and until you figure out the core purpose you will never be able to make the best of these skin care elixirs. As per common understanding a moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated and that’s all you need to fight your skin woes. If your skin has been non responsive despite using moisturizer, this article is for you.


What does a Moisturizer do?
A moisturizer is a formula of different consistencies. It could be thick or gel like depending on your specific skin concerns. A moisturizer is a combination of water soluble & lipid soluble ingredients and it helps to seal in the moisturiser. Unlike serum & facial oils, it stays on the top skin layer & helps forming a moisture barrier.

Using a moisturizer alone is enough only if you have normal, combination or oily skin type. However, if your skin is extremely dry, dehydrated that needs special care you must use a regular moisturiser in conjunction with a serum & face oil.


Why do you need a Face Serum?
Serum is a highly concentrated emollient infused with antioxidants and active ingredients. This make serum a very potent product that is able to penetrate deeper into buried skin layers. A serum does not necessarily hydrate your skin enough but it does treat specific skin concerns such as ageing, dull & lack lustrous skin, hyper pigmentation etc.

Serum contains water soluble ingredients with a smaller molecular structure that facilitates immediate absorption. It provide nourishment and helps repair damaged skin.

Do you need a Face Oil along with a Face Serum?
A serum does not adequately hydrate your skin. For an added boost of moisture, you need a facial oil especially if you are fighting with dry, dehydrated, brittle & thin skin. Unlike a face serum, a facial oil has larger molecules that let it penetrate into the top most layer of skin. It is a concoction of vitamins, and essential oils (extracted from plants and seeds) that fortify lipid layer of your skin. The lipid layer is the top most layer responsible to prevent moisture loss. A facial serum strengthens this barrier and help with oil-moisture balance. It provides a glow, an added boost of moisture & helps improving texture.


Why do you Need both Face Serum & Face Oil?
Both skin care products are highly nourishing and are meant to target specific concerns. A face serum is water soluble formula that penetrates deeper into all the skin layers & provides ready nourishment where a regular moisturizer is unable to reach. On the other hand a facial oil is an oil soluble formula that strengthens the top most lipid layer. Due to its larger molecular structure it penetrates down in the top layer and repairs it.


How to Apply Face Serum & Facial Oil?
A facial serum should be the first step of your skin care routine after cleansing & toning. It should be dispensed directly on to the skin to help it absorbed by the skin. Instead of rubbing in circular motion, pat apply the serum to generate heat for activating the ingredients.

On the other hand, a facial oil should be the last step of your skin care routine followed by a moisturiser. While a facial oil is responsible to repair & replenish the top most layer; a moisturiser will protect your skin from the outside. It helps lock in the moisture and save your skin from environmental aggressors.


Hybrid Products – An Oil Serum?
An oil serum is a hybrid of the two discussed, formulated to cut off the number of products from your daily skin care routine. Guerisson Signature Oil serum contains horse oil that shares the chemical composition with human skin’s sebum. It is readily absorbed into your skin and has both smaller & larger molecules to treat & nourish the different skin layers.