Which is better: Bar Soap or Body Wash

Whether or not you are a beauty addict, you might have at least once in life preferred buying body wash over your regular bar soap. There is a very clear boundary line between the two counterparts but obviously they both mean to get rid your body of the dirt, debris and sweat etc. At this point, we can say; it is not about “what” they do but more about “how” they do. Conventional bar soaps are known to be very drying for your skin whereas a body wash is moisturising and relatively mild. Some body washes such as Guerisson Comfort  will go a mile ahead. Besides providing an immense boost of moisture it actually penetrates deep and nourishes your skin while you take a shower. 


Advantages of using Guerisson Extra Comfort Body Wash

Bar soaps are actually vegetables oil that are solidified into bars. They rip your skin off its natural oils and leave it dry.  People who have sensitive skin should opt for body wash because it contains emollients that keep your skin moisturised. Guerisson Extra Comfort body wash boasts almond oil, avocado and olive oil including other organic ingredients that strengthen skin moisture barrier and provide deep nourishment. Almond oil helps unclog the pores, remove debris from deep within and help prevent acne formation due to Vitamin A content. Olive oil and Avocado enriched in Vitamin E are natural anti-oxidant that help fighting wrinkle formation and dryness.

The microbubble exfoliating technology sloughs off dead skin and help bringing up softer and fresher skin layers up. The fresh citrus scent leaves your body smelling beautiful throughout the day. Guerisson Extra Comfort body boasts its patented horse oil that speeds up the absorption of nutrients. Shar8ing the same chemical composition with human sebum, horse oil is readily absorbed by skin leaving no sticky or greasy feeling behind.

Perfect for sensitive skin. Guerisson Extra Comfort body wash is a girl’s best friend. A little goes long way.


Bar Soap or Guerisson Extra Comfort Body Wash?

Let us admit that bar soaps are not only overly drying, they are also very old school. Bar soaps are shared between the family members and it keeps on lying openly on that old soap dish which further accumulates bacteria. On the other hand Guerisson Extra Comfort body wash is more hygienic. You just squirt out the quantity you need and let the rest of the goodness stay packed in its beautiful pump bottle. Body wash is also travel friendly which further makes it everyone’s choice.

Guerisson Extra Comfort body wash will be your best friend through all seasons. Although bar soaps are simple and low priced, body wash is more sanitary and nourishing. It is however very important to keep loofah and scrub in consideration with body wash that may actually harbour more bacteria and mold than a regular bar soap.