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Made from purified German Horse Oil, Guerisson 9 Complex products are the Holy Grail of Korean skincare. The non-greasy, highly absorbent & buttery texture allows deep penetration that helps eliminate fine lines, reduce wrinkles & fade stretch marks. With highly active botanical ingredients & herbal extracts, Guerisson 9 Complex Korean skincare products help retaining moisture for up to 72 hours.




Horse oil BAYHU has long been known for its medicinal properties to treat damaged skin. The Guerisson Horse oil line offering scar removal cream, multi-tasking essence & lotion helps achieving smooth & vibrant texture. Enriched with vitamin E, the entire Korean skincare range delivers enticing results ensuring intense hydration whilst repairing & conditioning the skin.


Free from preservatives & steroids the mild Korean skincare formula makes the complete range safe enough to be used on the most delicate skin types. Incorporating the complete range in daily regime, ensures translucent skin with dewy finish that looks youthful & supple. 

Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Range in a Glimpse:

Guerisson 9 Complex Cream: Highly nourishing & hydrating, the cream repairs damaged skin, reduces stretch marks & help removing scars with little to no signs of the damaged tissues.

Guerisson 9 Complex Essence: Helps fade blemishes for softer, smoother & radiant skin texture. Soothes & conditions damaged skin.

Guerisson 9 Complex Lotion: Ensures bright & dewy skin by moisturizing it.

Guerisson 9 Hydrogel 24K Gold Mask: The healing mask with 24K gold extracts calms stressed skin & provides an immediate firming treatment.